The Samaritan
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The Samaritan by Amelia Shea

Born into a motorcycle club dynasty, Caden Reilly chose a different path. A single dad struggling to keep his business afloat while caring for a hostile, arrogant and ill biker father, his life is anything but normal. Just when it seems life couldn’t throw him another curveball, he comes face to face with the Good Samaritan who helped his dad. Caden isn’t prepared for the feelings she evokes within him. The woman is a game changer for Caden, who never envisioned himself settling down. A devastating loss two years ago has left Marissa Nichols, a shell of her old self. After losing what she held most precious, she gave up on life and any hope of happiness or normalcy. Until one good deed changes it all. An odd encounter with a stranger has Marissa thrust into the lives of the seemingly dangerous Reilly men, turning her dismal life inside out. One man, in particular, awakens all the feelings, she lost long ago. As they both struggle with their pasts, they grow closer, falling deeper for one another. But outside obstacles and tragic secrets threaten to ruin any chance they have for a future together. Will Caden’s steadfast devotion and solid roots be enough for Marissa to find peace and a home of her own?
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