The Right to my Wrong
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The Right to my Wrong by Nicki Grace


She doesn't have to like him... to want him.

What do you do if you find yourself standing in the bathroom, holding a positive pregnancy test? If you’re Jessica Hensley, you take four more and schedule a blood test to follow because your life has officially gone off-script.

What more could go wrong? Unfortunately for her, a lot.

If her newfound predicament, anxiety issues, dead vibrator, and infuriating mother weren’t enough, she’s now falling for the brazen, desirable and stubborn Dominique Stone. A guy that she can’t stand, but her body craves and is more than ready to surrender to.

A book so, SPICY, ROMANTICALLY SEXY, PASSIONATE, and FUN, it will keep you on the edge of your seat! ♥

Find out what readers are saying about Inevitable Encounters: The Right to my Wrong...

★★★★★ When she says “have your way with me" that gets me going.”


★★★★★ “This book was Steamy and Fun!”

★★★★★ “Her mother was such a B!t#%!”

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