The Reflection Series Complete Book Bundle 1-4
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From New York Times and #1 Dark Fantasy bestseller Tamara Rose Blodgett and for fans of The Black Dagger Brotherhood and Twilight comes a tale of alpha warriors, claiming their prophesied soulmates. The Complete Series! 1500 pages of REFLECTION!

Readers: "... This story SUCKS YOU IN... COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN until the end!"
" ... UNIQUE story line the ACTION never lets up..." " ... I would RECOMMEND The Reflective Dissent to anyone... LOTS of ADVENTURE, LOVE, hate, power, an EMPOWERING FEMALE lead character with a dystopian and scifi wonderland ULTIMATE FIX..."

Included Volumes:
Those born Reflective are the only beings with the ability to jump between worlds. With The Cause firmly entrenched by years of highly stylized military-type training in combat of every kind, they use their natural born ability for inter-dimensional travel to police worlds where wrongdoing has overtaken civility.

As an elite Reflective, Jeb Merrick finds himself partnered with a rare female Reflective. Merrick is convinced that she can do nothing but slow him down. Beth Jasper is small, in both stature and mindset.

Can the Reflectives uphold The Cause, reach a point of compromise and find their chosen soulmates?
Beth Jasper, a rare female warrior Reflective, has escaped the brutality of Sector One, only to discover that Reflective Ryan has reshaped her home world of Papilio into chaos.

Will Beth forsake The Cause and her home planet's ruination to forge answers to the questions raised during her brief stay on One?

Will the dissenting Reflectives find a way to exterminate the one threat to their plans of absolute control over the thirteen sectors? Can Beth, along with Jeb Merrick, save her world and uphold The Cause - or will ancient blood ties rule Beth's destiny?

Reflective Beth Jasper flees Sector One, intending to return Jacky and Maddie to Three, only to find she's bent time during the jump. They've come back to the worse scenario possible--with Reflective Ryan in tow.

Beth's choice becomes a dire one, the only imperative she can control. As her life ebbs, the First Species struggle to save her while Jeb and Slade ride her tailwind to Thirteen, subsequently discovering what she's done.

Can destiny control her choices? Does The Cause still remain? Or will fate manipulate Beth's life, regardless of her will.
The time continuum has been damaged through illicit jumps. As Reflectives Lance Ryan and Jeb Merrick attempt to restore the breach from opposing sides, everything the thirteen sectors have ever known hangs in the balance.

Beth Jasper doesn't know Jeb Merrick in this time—this place. But the Beth Jasper of the present attempts to find a way back to Papilio only to face opposition and insurmountable odds on Sector One. Will she change the course of history? Or does the knowledge she now holds destroy the future of The Cause?

Will Cyrn follow Ulric's directive and return a female Ulric does not want for their clan, even as Cyrn gains an understanding about himself he wishes had stayed unrevealed?

Can Madeline DeVere remain hidden, or will a chance encounter from the future alter her course forever? Does a certain Bloodling warrior haunt her every move, until there is no life for Maddie… without Gunnar in it?

New Adult Fiction. app. 275k words/app. 1500+ paperback pages.

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