The Ranger’s Chance
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The Ranger’s Chance by Bree Livingston


He’s assigned to get close to her. She’s an unwitting pawn.

Mia Milan’s buck list includes a scenic drive up the East Coast, so when she’s offered a job installing security software in Miami, she jumps at the chance. What she doesn’t know is that her new client, Harrison, is a part of a human trafficking network and he’s using her as bait.

When a notorious human trafficker is freed on a technicality, Noah Wolf sets his sights on Mia Milan—the cybersecurity expert he’s convinced is the key to bringing down the entire ring. His mission is to get close to her and convince her to turn on her employer. Only things aren’t what they seem.

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A clean love is simply a means to spell out a love story that will not include explicit sex, excessive gore and violence, and profanity. The category is started by amazon. This new category helps readers that desire the love and emotion without particulars of this romantic bedroom kitchen/car/outside / etc.--gymnastics to discover exactly what they're looking for. You may read this book with your family. This class is specially created for readers that are uncomfortable reading fantasy books with sexually explicit material, an excessive amount of blood and guts, and a lot of f-bombs.

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