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The Queen’s Alliance by Jessica Gleave

Her kingdom on the brink of war. His kingdom can give her the army she needs. The price—her hand in marriage. But her sister’s action may cost them. Evelda has not shown emotion since the death of her parents, only Charisa her younger sister, has seen any of the true Evelda. Forced to become a queen at a young age, Evelda believes she needs to be strong, fearless, and as impassive as stone. When the threat of war looms, Evelda turns to her neighboring kingdom, to forge a marital alliance with Thaine the Son of the Pacific Ocean. The plan—to marry for the sake of her kingdom. But what if she could marry for love instead. Charisa hates being a Daughter of the Sea. She would much rather be a normal mermaid, but she does her duty for her kingdom. Charisa will do what’s best even if it means sacrificing her own mermaid’s kiss, but what if that’s not enough. The Queen’s Alliance is the first book in the Kingdoms of the Ocean series. A secret world far below the water’s surface. Where the merpeople, not only navigate the perils of life under the sea but also of love.
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