The Pregnant Indian Bride

The Pregnant Indian Bride by Florence Linnington


When things go wrong in the Old West, you can neither run nor hide.

Ninovan has only one desire: to survive. Her loved ones are dead and her home is in ashes. But she must live in order to carry on the stories of those who have fallen at the hands of the frontier solders.

And Ninovan learns that in order to survive, she must make a terrifying choice: become an Indian mail order bride.

A pregnant Indian mail order bride, to be exact.

Todd, a blacksmith residing in the small mountain town in Colorado, lost his wife in childbirth and though he wants to remarry, he never wants to have children.

When Todd takes Ninovan in as his mail order bride, Ninovan is unsure if she can live with him, or if she can live without him. And Todd is crushed when he realizes Ninovan is pregnant with her late husband’s child.

In a world that threatens to pull them apart, Ninovan and Todd must either learn to open their hearts to one another, or risk losing what they have now.

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