The Player’s Secret
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The Player’s Secret by Madeline Ash


At the peak of soccer stardom, Dean Thorn shocked the world by leaving the pitch for his family vineyard. Haunted by a dark secret, he is numb to the international sporting career and elite party lifestyle he abandoned. The only thing he knows for certain is to never get close to a woman again.

Rafi Dalton is too busy for love. Since running away from her future as a prima ballerina, she has forged a fresh start for herself as a seasonal fruit picker. Sure, it means little money and no fixed address, but she’s never been happier. If only she wasn’t drawn to the gorgeous, brooding vintner who would make her life way too complicated . . .

Rafi is bold, independent and not remotely interested in Dean’s fame or fortune. The undeniable connection between them pushes him right to the edge—but can he trust her enough to move beyond his painful past?

The Player’s Secret is a tender, sexy romance set on a breathtaking Australian vineyard during harvest season.

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