The Perfect Fit
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The Perfect Fit by D. Lilac


A chance encounter with a younger man wakes up my sleeping hormones and makes me swoon! But with my lousy track record, can my heart handle another man walking out on me and my boys?

I don’t need a man in my life. Been there, done that. I have the divorce papers to prove it, and now I’m a single mom.

When I took my two young boys to a baseball game, I had no intention of flirting with a fellow fan. Nope. Not the plan. When an accident brings me face-to-face with a jaw-dropping stranger in a backward ball cap, I can barely think straight.

I did not expect to meet Eli Johnson. He’s too young for me and dear lord he and his abs are way out of my league. But I can’t resist his rough hands on my curvy body.

My boys enjoy hanging out with Eli, but surely he’s not ready to be a father - he’s not even thirty!

I definitely don’t need a man, but do I want Eli Johnson? 

♥ Curvy Single Mom  ♥ Reverse Age Gap ♥

This is number one in The Gemstone Sisters Series©, contemporary adult romances, all releasing in early 2021. The interconnected series is set in Texas, and will follow three sisters, Ruby, Pearla "P" and Jade as they figure out life and love. All three will get their HEA’s, but l♥ve doesn’t always come easy for The Gemstone Sisters.

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