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The Naughty Party by S. E. Law

I met him at a naughty party where people do more than just *play.*

 My friend invited me to a party one summer.
 It was supposed to be just another shindig with drunk boys and lots of beer.
 But when I got there, my eyebrows went up because this wasn’t just any get together …
 This was a party where people were doing *that* in full view.
 My jaw dropped to the floor.
 My inhibitions flew out the door.
 And soon, I was doing *that* too. Hunter’s got wide shoulders, a broad chest and a Tall Boy that makes my mouth water.
 OMG, it was so wrong.
 How could I?
 But now, it turns out that Hunter’s my stepbrother. What do we do now that I'm expecting his baby? Crank up the A/C because Frankie’s world is being blown away by a raunchy party in the small town of Granite Heights. She meets the gorgeous Hunter, but will things work out when they realize they’re soon to be related by marriage? Read and find out! No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.

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