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The Moscow Affair by Taylor Lee

Praise for: The Moscow Affair... “A dangerously elegant man and a beautiful young woman take on the evils of the international sex trade. Throw in a dynamite love story and you have Sizzling Romantic Suspense at its best.” J. John “From the Russian Mafia to high level political intrigue this book captures the reader with the power and immediacy of today’s riveting headlines. David Adams On a mission to find three kidnapped girls, the team of international security agents use one of their own as bait; A move as daring as it is dangerous.” Action Junkie *They call the fiery redhead “Dark Phoenix with a Knife.” *Her sexy special agent boss finds it as hard not to fall for her as it is to control her. *Even the most dangerous criminals discover, you don’t mess with this gang of former special ops bad boys (and girl). “A spellbinding suspense filled international adventure coupled with a sizzling SEXY romance. Yum!” Sneaky Romance Reader Love Kaylea Cross's heart pounding romantic military thrillers? Sylvia Day’s and Maya Banks red hot sexy heroes, feisty heroines and high adrenaline action? Fern Michael’s compelling characters? Grab The Moscow Affair and prepare to be addicted.
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