The Marriage Contract (Anderson Brothers)

The rules of the agreement were clear.
Pregnancy was not part of the plan.

My mother wants me married off like all my older brothers.
Nobody has ever tempted me to put a ring on it.
Until Chloe walks in the bar, fresh from California.
She escaped from her awful life her parents pushed on her.
Chloe won’t be controlled, not anymore.

She’s all fiery spirit and dangerous curves.
And off-limits. I’m her boss.
Until we get a crazy idea.
We could get married, solve both our problems.
All fun and games, no strings attached.

The fun becomes something sexy and delicious.
Everything’s great until I find a pregnancy test.

Things just got complicated…
But maybe it’s a sign that our love is 100% for real.

The Marriage Contract is a full-length standalone secret baby romance full of angst, complicated love, and steamy romance set in cozy, idyllic Astoria, Oregon. Let these Anderson brothers show you what a real HEA looks like. This is book two of the series. It can be read in any order.

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