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The Marine’s Marriage by Liz Isaacson

A Marine, a maid, and a match made in heaven. Tate Benson can't believe he's come to Nowhere, Utah, to fix up a house that hasn't been inhabited in years. But he has. Because he's retired from the Marines and looking to start a life as a police officer in small-town Brush Creek. Wren Fuller has her hands full most days running her family's company. When Tate calls and demands a maid for that morning, she decides to have the calls forwarded to her cell and go help him out. She didn't know he was moving in next door, and she's completely unprepared for his handsomeness, his kind heart, and his wounded soul. Can Tate and Wren weather a relationship when they're also next-door neighbors? * * * Fuller Family in Brush Creek Romance Series: 1. The Marine's Marriage 2. The Firefighter's Fiancé 3. The Trooper's Treasure 4. The Detective's Date 5. The Paramedic's Partner 6. The Chief's Catch
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