The Man of the Lake
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The Man of the Lake by Alessa Winters


A yearly camping trip to a remote lake deep in the mountains.

A mysterious handsome man with a supernatural secret that her friends cannot remember the moment he leaves their view.

A deadly disease, threatening their beautiful sanctuary.


Brianna has always gone with her friends on their annual camping trip, despite growing apart over the years. It’s always a week of splashing in the lake, of breathing the beautiful mountain air, and lots of wine and beer.

This year, however, the very lake has changed. Something is threatening it, and, in return, threatening them.


Lemuel has watched over the lake in the mountain for many years, and it has never been in more danger than it is now. Cursed to be forgotten the moment he is out of sight, he lives in solitude, being a silent guardian to all the wildlife in the area.

Every year, he sees Brianna, and every year she forgets him...until this time.


Entranced by this stunning stranger that her friends ignore, Brianna can’t resist following him deeper and deeper into the mystery of the lake, until she finds herself embroiled in the battle to save the lake, save her friends, and save her new love.

The Man of The Lake is a breezy, steamy summer paranormal read, perfect for a quick escape.

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