The Lost Queen
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The Lost Queen by Traci Lovelot


he attraction between me and my newfound royal guards is undeniable... yet also unattainable. You see, their first priority is to protect me, but they have their own secrets.

To top it off, they weren't the only ones searching for me. I'm being hunted by an enemy who already killed the other heirs to the throne. They have different plans for me, though, and somehow, that's worse.

With my powerful guards by my side, it's time for me to unravel the mysteries of my past and the Fae's future...

If I survive.

Note: 18+ only. The Lost Queen contains scenes of trauma dealt by the baddies, but no sexual violence. All intimate encounters with Glori’s consorts are consensual.

  • A steamy story with substance!
  • Full-length novel (95,500 words / 368 pages)
  • New adult romantic fantasy
  • Slow-burn / slow-build (5 consorts gathered over 6 books)
  • Steamy group scenes in later books involve M/M but always include Glori
  • Poly themes

Glori’s journey from a shy college student to a Fae queen unlike any before slowly unfolds throughout the series.

She’ll find limitless love with her consorts, the only men who can bring her out of her shell.

Expect unusual shapeshifters, a different take on faerie myths, and a sheltered heroine finding her inner strength. If you enjoy slow-burn romantic tension spanning two worlds, you’ll devour Traci Lovelot’s six-book series, Our Fae Queen.

What readers are saying about this debut novel:

"This is definitely going to be a slow burn but I'm here for it. Good read!" - Bianca on

"Book 1 of a new to me author and man does she deliver! This is well written and I devoured it!" - Dawn M on

"I think I found my new favorite author." - Annalisa on

"Great book overall,definitely a 5 star read." - Jozanne on Goodreads

"I'm hooked !!" - Laura on Goodreads

"I especially loved the growth that the FMC showed consistently throughout. She may have been born a Fae but learning the ins and outs of Faedom was refreshingly relatable. I REALLY LOVED THIS BOOK!!" - Malischa on Goodreads

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