The Loch Lannick Series
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The Loch Lannick Series by Hannah Ellis


Dive into the Loch Lannick series and get whisked away to the beautiful Isle of Skye. You'll be hooked on these wonderfully warm characters in no time!

Book one: Coming Home to the Loch

What happens when you meet the right person, at the right time, in the wrong place?

Twenty-two-year-old Leana Mackenzie is looking for adventure. Full of excitement, she leaves her home in a remote Scottish village and heads for the bright city lights. 

In Edinburgh she meets Alasdair – a cute and charming singer/songwriter. As their relationship develops everything feels perfect. 

But as the sparkle of her new life begins to fade, Leana finds herself longing for her cosy home on the Isle of Skye, and the close-knit family she left behind. 

When Alasdair is offered the career opportunity of a lifetime, Leana is left even more confused. Now, she must choose between a high-flying life as the girlfriend of a celebrity – or returning home to her safe, predictable life.

Home is where the heart is … but what happens when the heart is pulled in two different directions?

Book two: The Castle by the Loch

Sometimes the road to happiness is longer than we’d like …

At fourteen, Isla Mackenzie has her life all planned out. She’s going to be an artist and marry her best friend, Logan.

Logan Donnell also has a plan. When he grows up he’s going to join his dad’s business and marry his best friend, Isla.

By the time they’re eighteen, the two of them are inseparable. The future looks bright. Everything feels perfect.

But when tragedy strikes, fate sets the pair on a different course. 

While circumstances keep Logan and Isla apart, their bond is not so easily broken. 

The course of true love might not run smoothly but a bumpy road can still take you exactly where you’re supposed to be …

Book three: Fireworks Over the Loch

A sleepy Scottish village is about to be woken up …

With her boyfriend moving to her hometown of Lannick, Leana Mackenzie is floating on cloud nine. All she needs now is for them to find a home of their own. Alasdair’s lack of interest in house-hunting soon has her worried.

For Isla and Logan, moving in together is the logical next step in their relationship. Neither of them expects living under the same roof to be so challenging. If they can’t find a way to make it work how can they possibly have a future together?

Single-mother Elspeth is ecstatic about moving out of her parents’ house. When she agrees to a temporary housemate she’s comforted by the friendship that grows. But are her feelings purely platonic, or is romance in the air?

As the year draws to a close, Alasdair organises a celebration that will rock the quiet village of Lannick. The New Year’s party brings everyone together for a night to remember. But when midnight strikes, the fireworks bursting over the loch aren’t the only sparks flying …

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