The Legacy Series Boxset
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The Legacy Series Boxset by Malory Ford


This box set includes the following stories:

The Grace Legacy
What do you do when the man you’re falling for is tasked with bringing your family to justice?

The daughter of one of the most notorious outlaws in the country, Karissa Jones has spent the last two years running from her past. With her sister Beth, she’s begun a new life for herself in Pine Creek, Texas.
US Marshal Matthew Carmichael is a man on a mission. For the last five years, he’s chased the Jones gang clear across the country.
As Matthew rides into town, Karissa’s as struck by his green eyes and steady manner as she is his marshal star. She’s spent much of her life hiding from men - and even more hiding from the law - but something about him makes her feel safe for the first time in her life.
When Karissa’s past catches up to her, and she finds herself kidnapped and brought straight into a den of outlaws, trusting herself and Matthew might be her only way out alive.

The Faith Legacy
Will these best friends find their way to romance, or will outside threats tear them apart?

After years in hiding, Beth Jones is finally free from the shadow of her notorious outlaw father and brothers. She’s found her place creating beauty in Grady’s Dress Shop, but still longs for a husband and family of her own.
Jake Carson is back on a ranch, exactly where he belongs. He’s loved Beth as long as he’s known her and is finally ready to make his intentions known.
Beth has been protected from many of the horrors around her for her entire life, but matters of the heart are something she’ll have to navigate herself. After a rocky start, Jake and Beth seem to finally be on their way. But when cattle rustlers threaten Jake’s livelihood and an old threat comes back to haunt them, Jake and Beth must lean on their faith in the Lord and each other to see them through.

The Hope Legacy
Are there some wounds so deep that even love can't heal them?

Kade Jones has been in prison for the better part of five years. Count the years he was forced into his father's gang, and he can’t remember what freedom feels like.
Abigail Hunter was raised to be a proper southern socialite, but the years she's spent in Pine Creek hiding from a forced marriage have forever changed her
When Kade is released early and comes to Pine Creek to apprentice under the town blacksmith, the two feel an immediate connection. Will Kade and Abigail be able to emerge from their broken pasts, or will dangerous threats from all sides tear them apart?

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