The Last Place You Look
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The Last Place You Look by Katerina Simms


She wants a new life. He just wants to live. Love is found in the most unlikely place…

Budding psychiatrist Sophie Tindall, on the run from her predictable life, escapes to the small Australian town of Roseford.

At just thirty-six-years-old, Orlando Piras is Roseford Aged Care’s youngest resident. Once worldly and daring, his now regimented existence makes him a hostile thorn in everyone’s side—especially when it comes to his new volunteer visitor—the annoyingly inquisitive Sophie Tindall.

But just like so much of his life, his true feelings for Sophie must remain a secret. Sweet, smart, beautiful, with a cruel ability to awaken hope, she’s everything he’s ever wanted, and now can’t have.

Every day his condition worsens. And even as Sophie begins to see Orlando as the man to change her forever, she is the one with just three months to save his life.

For fans of slow-burn romance, Me Before You, and Archer’s Voice.

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*Book Two in the “Love At Last” Series, however, all books can still be read as a standalone.


CONTENT WARNING: Addresses themes of miscarriage and suicide. Things will get worse before they get better, so have your tissues ready!

Author's Note: Enemies-to-lovers. Opposites attract. Slow burn. Tragedy. Self-discovery. Heat with heart and big emotions. Forbidden love. Angsty with bursts of humor. Small-town and Big City. Prickly alpha hero. Strong, intelligent, nerd heroine. Medical romance. Wounded characters with a second chance at life. A tough hero that “gets it” and wants his woman to be whole. Steamy!

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