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The Lady’s Gamble by Abby Ayles

Regina Hartfieldis living a nightmare. When Regina Hartfield’s father gambles away his fortune and land in a game of cards, it leaves her and her sisters distraught, facing destitution and an impoverished future. Despite being shy and introverted, Regina can see the dire predicament of her family and knows that she must do something to restore their pride and financial situation. But where to start? The entry of the disreputable Lord Harrison into her life, changes all that. With a rightly earned reputation as a gambler and something of a scoundrel, Lord Harrison has designs on Regina’s sister, Bridget. But he has skills that Regina needs and now she hatches a plan to save the family honor and give the infamous Lord what he wants at the same time. At a masquerade ball, where faces are hidden, Regina plans to win back their fortune. It’s a risky strategy and involves learning a skill that all but destroyed her family’s good name, but she is desperate. But can she pull off the deception without ruining her own reputation still further? And what of Lord Harrison himself? He’s the first man Regina has ever found herself drawn to, But Lord Harrison is in love with Bridget, not Regina—isn’t he?