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The Hero and the Hellion by Ava Devlin

One Last Scandal, for Old Time's Sake ... A Hero's Homecoming Lieutenant Callum Laughlin has spent four long years at war. Finally, he has enough status and fortune to return to Yorkshire and reclaim the woman of his dreams - a girl he could never have wed when he was a mere stable boy. What awaits him at Somerton is far from the warm welcome he imagined. A Hellion's Heartache Lady Heloise Somers has carefully rebuilt her life, tucking away her wild nature. In the last four years, she has chosen to trade the life of a noble and any hopes for marriage in favor of becoming a midwife and spinster "aunt" to her secret daughter. She never expected to see the father of her child again, but Callum Laughlin's return from the Continent throws her world into chaos. One wrong step could shatter the lies she has carefully constructed and reveal her scandalous truth to the world. History, Healing, and Hope As the Somers family gathers to celebrate the New Year, Heloise does her best to keep her distance from Callum, lest he discover her secret. When disaster sparks in the nearby township, the two are forced to work together to save the people they care about. Rebuilding the township is no easy matter, and the lure of old feelings and new temptations catch both Heloise and Callum in their grip. Is the broken love between them beyond repair, or can it be mended through love, forgiveness, and a touch of irresistible attraction? The Hero and the Hellion is the third installment in The Somerton Scandals series, but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story. If you enjoy steamy love scenes, passionate romance, and a sweet happily ever after, grab your copy today!
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