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The Heart of Caleb Jackson by Kelly Hunter

Reckless playboy Caleb Jackson has a taste for the forbidden and more secrets than he should have. Only one woman has ever tamed him – wanton yet innocent Bree Tucker, who bedded him once and never looked back. Ten years ago, Bree Tucker lied, cheated and checked her self-respect at the door in order to spend just one night in Caleb Jackson’s arms. She’s never forgotten him. She’s never forgiven him either, for keeping their secret and letting her go. When Bree returns home to Brunswick Bay, passion still burns, and this time Caleb makes his intentions ruthlessly, publicly clear. He wants her. He aims to claim her. And he doesn't give a damn who gets in his way. Previously titled Sympathy for the Devil The Jackson Brothers Series Book 1: The Courage of Eli Jackson Book 2: The Heart of Caleb Jackson Book 3: The Downfall of Cutter Jackson
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