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Interestingly, the strange elements of her assignment sound as curiously enigmatic as Freya is herself. Will spells and smarts be enough to outwit a villain with a penchant for mischief & allow her to complete her graduation mission unscathed…?! -- Whimsical Freya is the resident witch of the five elite Brunswick Academy for Gifted Girls graduates, though she is nothing like those found in the storybooks. When she’s sent to the sprawling Godwin Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, she’s nervous but confident. The Godwins are an aristocratic family of Griffin Shifters, and something is amiss on their property. However, nothing at the Godwin’s Estate is exactly as it seems. Grayson, the bad boy academy drop-out with a bottomless bank account...runs an orphanage? Freya didn’t see that coming. Grayson is also gorgeous and sweet and more than a little distracting When Freya finds herself with no leads and danger mounting every minute, will her training and her confidence be shaken? And if Freya looks like she’s about to falter, will that be something Grayson can help with…or capitalize on…?
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