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The Governess by Charity McColl

Tess Canfield has long been Governess to the three Darby sisters, but this will be her last Christmas with the family she has grown to love. Her uncertain future looms like a dark cloud over the celebrations and she fears her life will be no more than a succession of assignments as a governess, loving and caring for the children of others, whilst her own spinsterhood takes firmer hold. When Christmas day arrives, it is another storm that miraculously turns her fortunes, bringing home a long-lost Darby son to the Crescent. A son who sees that Tess is far more than a mere servant to the family. Long-held misunderstandings, storms in the sky and storms in the heart, family rifts, and snowdrifts that bring home a brother whose heart can only be melted by a true woman's love. The Governess is a very special Regency story that will warm your heart even on coldest of winter nights. If you love sweet Regency romance with wonderful characters, historical manners and sumptuous settings, you will find The Governess a delightful distraction.
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