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A MAN ON A MISSION Security specialist Logan Wakefield rushes from his covert job abroad to a Chicago hospital to see his injured daughter. Seeing his ex-wife at his daughter’s side, he’s slammed by feelings he thought long buried. But he’s not about to fall into that trap again. All that matters is his little girl, Hallie. She’s in a coma…and no one knows what happened on the school playground. DANGER Number one in attorney Dana Marlowe Wakefield’s life is her daughter. Number two is her job, and she’s definitely not telling Logan about the threats on her life, not when her hard-fought goal to become the Cook County State’s Attorney is a heartbeat away. He'd insist on helping, and the last thing she needs is to spend time with the sexy man who was once the love of her life. DESIRE When Hallie awakens with strange memory gaps, and additional threats against Dana surface, Logan and Dana agree they must protect Hallie...even if it means sharing the same house for a while. Being so close, old sparks of desire re-ignite. But nothing has changed. They’re still the same people who couldn’t make it work before. How can they protect both their little girl...and their hearts? "Linda Style has written another terrific book Her characters are vivid and real. The plot is emotionally intense and full of surprises. An exceptional story that will bring laughter and tears to your reading experience." ~~RS Review "Great story, intriguing subplot, passion and -- DANGER! -- will really get your pulse racing. Unforgettable characters, compelling story."