The Flip Side of Tasting The Forbidden Fruit
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Can a swoon-worthy business owner find love with his best friend’s daughter?


Travis has been there for Savannah since her mother’s death. His support helped her through the darkest times.
When Savannah needs a job, Travis is there once again, offering her a position at his bar.

Even though their attraction threatens to burn down the city, he's tossed her into the employee-employer zone. At the same time, she's hell-bent on ripping away his defenses.

Will Travis refuse to “taste the forbidden fruit”? What happens if they succumb to their darkest desires?

Can a May-December romance work, or is it time for Savannah to walk away and forget the man that lights her body on fire?

Do you like to feel the rapid heartbeat and fluttering butterflies of falling in love?

The Flip Side of Tasting the Forbidden Fruit is a sinfully delectable father's best friend romance short story between a business owner and his sassy waitress told from his point of view...all set in the Alexia Chase's Sinfully Addictive World.

Each book ends with a happily ever after and can be read in any order.

Get ready for an overload of swoon that will leave you completely satisfied - yet dying for more.

Let the binging begin.

Click “buy” now! Because you don’t want to miss out.

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