The First To Draw by James Leonard


A Historical Western Adventure book by James Leonard John Stonehouse fought for the Union, and in a lot of ways he’s still fighting. Now he’s ready to lay his battles to rest and find peace on a ranch all his own. But Rex Tovey has other plans for him. Rex is used to getting what he wants, even if he has to kill everyone in his way to get it. He’s got plenty of bullets and plenty of men to back him up. And he always insists on being the last man standing. When Rex sets his sights on John’s new land, all-out war erupts in Tucson and battle lines get drawn fast. Soon, Emma Longacre finds herself caught in the crossfire. With danger on all sides, she turns to John for help. But how can one man fight a whole gang? Rex wants John to run, but he’s fought tougher battles than this. Outnumbered and outgunned, John mounts his defense. There’s blood to be spilled, and he’ll be the one to spill it. But can John stop Rex and still walk away with his life?