The First One
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The First One by Tawdra Kandle


Come home to Love in a Small Town, stand-alone happily ever after romances with lots of heat and heart.

Welcome to Burton, Georgia, the farm community where the women are sassy, the men are sexy, and happily-ever-afters are a specialty of the house.

Meet Ali and Flynn . . .


Flynn Evans was my high school sweetheart. Eager to see the world and leave behind our small Georgia hometown, we planned an exciting new life together after we finished school.

But on graduation day, only one of us hit the road.

I've spent the eight years since then working hard, raising a daughter, and helping my brother keep our family farm alive. Thinking about Flynn and what might have been is a pain I avoid at all costs. . .even when it's impossible to forget.


Eight years after I left, an unexpected loss brings me home again. Those dreams Ali and I had so long ago? Yeah, I’ve made most of them a reality. But I did it alone. 

When my return to Burton comes with a big surprise in the form of a daughter I didn’t know about, everything in my world is turned upside down—including my feelings for Ali.

Finding our way back to each other will open old wounds and stir up memories as we learn that maybe our first love is worth a second chance.

All of the Love in a Small Town romances can be read on their own. While characters pop up in each other's stories, you can begin reading at any book and feel right at home!

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