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The Favor by Amelia Shea

Cheyenne Wilcox has a road map for her life that doesn’t include veering off her chosen path. When she stops for an injured biker, she has no idea her life is about to be turned upside down. One good deed has landed her in the center of a dangerous world. A death, an envelope with a severed finger, and being tackled by a brooding biker is just the beginning once she hits the radar of the notorious, Ghosttown Riders motorcycle club. Club life, loyalty to his MC family, and the open road are the only things that matter to Derrick “Trax” Traxon. He doesn’t adhere to any rules except his own and his club’s. When a devastating loss strikes him and his brothers, he sets his sights on revenge and payback. He’ll stop at nothing to hunt down his friend’s killer. But when the key player in finding out who is responsible turns out to be the Good Samaritan, things get interesting. Aside from their mutual attraction, Trax and Cheyenne couldn’t be more opposite. Yet together is the only way they can find justice for Trax’s fallen brother. Cheyenne’s desire to help Trax and keep herself safe comes into battle with Trax’s need to find balance between his allegiance to the club and the woman he wants to keep.
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