The Enforcers
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The Enforcers by Anastasia Wilde


“Never get involved with a client.”

Hell, Israel Jonas never gets involved with anyone. For years, his wolf was too wild and broken to handle emotional connections.

But now that his blood brother has found his true mate, Israel is cut adrift. Taking a fluff security gig as a personal bodyguard to a country singer seems like easy money—even if she is a spoiled diva.

Ashley Silver, the “Silver Star,” is finally on the brink of the glittering success she’s always dreamed of. And after escaping her paranoid, dominating shifter family, the last thing she wants is a hairy Neanderthal bodyguard cramping her style.

But now she’s been targeted by a celebrity stalker—and unless she has 24/7 protection, her family is going to pull the plug on her tour—and her career.

Israel starts out protecting Ashley from the stalker, but he soon discovers that her own people may be the most dangerous threat she faces.

And that he’s willing to risk everything to keep from losing her...

Silverlake Shifters
Smokin’ hot shifter men with hearts of gold; the strong, passionate women who love them; secrets, lies and danger—and happily ever afters. Get Israel now—and get swept away by passion, intrigue, and magic!

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