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The Earl’s Secret Passion by Gemma Blackwood


Two warring families. One forbidden love.

Lady Cecily Balfour was always taught that the Hartley men are mad, bad and dangerous to know. When she meets Robert Hartley, Earl of Scarcliffe, she makes a few additions to that list:

Stubborn. Infuriating. Handsome. Charming. Tempting.

Society expects Cecily to make an advantageous match of her father’s choosing. What can she do now that her own choice is a man she is expressly forbidden to see?

The Earl of Scarcliffe enjoys hunting, drinking, billiards, and bachelordom. Love does not feature on his list of requirements. Especially for a woman with a stubborn streak a mile wide and a penchant for riding off on his favourite stallion. And if that same woman is a Balfour? Not a chance!

But Cecily just happens to have a pair of striking blue eyes, a taste for adventure and a rapier-sharp sense of humour…

Robert’s heart is in as much danger as his head will be if they are caught together.

When Robert and Cecily defy their powerful families for love, what will they have to sacrifice in return?

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