The Duke’s Hidden Desire
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The Duke’s Hidden Desire by Gemma Blackwood


A reckless duke meets his match in a determined young woman – and throws her future into jeopardy with one stolen kiss.

Miss Anna Hawkins, the daughter of a poor country doctor, knows the mysterious stranger who kissed her at the ball cannot really be the Duke of Beaumont. Dukes are virtuous and noble, and this man is arrogant, impudent… and dangerously seductive.

When she discovers he is telling the truth, it only makes matters worse. Anna has more important problems than romance – a handsome duke is the last thing she needs.

Beaumont cannot forget Anna Hawkins. It’s not only her sharp mind and delicate features. It’s not only the flame-red hair he longs to caress. It’s not even that she is the only woman in England to say no to a duke.

Anna is not afraid to chastise Beaumont for his lack of virtue, and he has never wanted anyone more. Before long, he has only one desire: to make her his duchess.

But it takes more than a dukedom to win a woman’s heart.

This is the second book in the series Scandals of Scarcliffe Hall. You do not have to read the first book to enjoy this one! However, there are some connections between the books which will reward readers of the whole series.

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