The Druid Series Complete Book Bundle 1-6
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Vampire soldiers seek females of witch heritage for survival.
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From New York Times bestseller Marata Eros and for fans of The Black Dagger Brotherhood and Twilight comes a controversial tale of alpha vampire warriors who do not sparkle, claiming what is theirs for the survival of the species. The Complete Series! 1400 pages of DRUID! DRUID 1-6 is a #1 Amazon Erotica Horror, Victorian, Interracial, Action/Adventure and Historical bestseller!

NOTE: the DRUID serial contains extreme violence throughout and should not be downloaded/read by the faint-of-heart. Might contain triggers.

Included Novels (with individual star ratings):
Reapers (3.8)
Bled (4.3)
Harvest (4.6)
Sow (4.5)
Seed (4.2)
Plow (4.2)
Average, cross-series star rating: 4.2

DRUID 1-6 is a mega compilation with 292k words and app. 1400 paperback pages. Druid was originally published in a multi-novel, novella and novelette format. These works have now been reformatted as 6, full-length novels.

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