The Dragon’s Christmas Baby
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Rule #2 - There is no basement in the college library. If you see a door leading to the basement, inform a librarian immediately.

(The entire library is strictly off limits during winter break.)


Ever since she was young, Kennedy Fisher has been obsessed with dragons. Now that she’s matured a little, she’s added Rex Draconis to her list of obsessions.

Not that she needs more than two things on her list. I mean, a billionaire heir bad boy and dragons are probably more than enough to last her a lifetime, don’t you think?


Rex is nice enough, though she wouldn’t say he’s into her. Except then why did he join her paranormal mysteries club? And why does he give her an ancient book explaining some of Steamydale’s oldest small town secrets on Christmas Eve?

One of those secrets leads to her breaking a very important rule, which also leads to the discovery that her list of obsessions may be shorter than she first thought.

Dragon’s may actually exist! And one’s been hiding under her nose this entire time...

Also, that point about Rex Draconis not being into her? Um, that may have been slightly wrong...

Talk about obsessions!

By the end of the night and into a hot and heavy Christmas morning, she’s going to find out just how wrong she was. If they survive a rule-breaking adventure in the university library, that is...


Famous Book Quotes

“Good books don't give up all their secrets at once.” ― Stephen King

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