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The Debra Dilemma by Katie Graykowski

Debra Covington is finally getting her life together. She’s spent the last ten years making Warren Daniver pay for choosing a million dollars over her. Her plan of sport-dating the entire football team that Daniver owns has backfired and the only one she’s hurting is herself. Now, she works at Safe Place helping victims of domestic violence. Warren Daniver has a problem. Debra Covington is no longer making his life a living hell and now, he can’t stop thinking about her. Ten years ago, he took her father’s money to keep from ruining her life. Warren has regretted taking the money every minute since he cashed that check. It’s time he told her the truth…only she refuses to see him. The harder Warren tries to insinuate himself into Debra’s life, the harder she resists him. Their mental tug-of-war comes to a head when Warren learns that when he left all of those years ago, Debra was pregnant. Can she ever forgive him? Can he forgive himself? Warren will stop at nothing to finally solve, The Debra Dilemma.
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