The Cowboy’s Secret Bride
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Never get in the way of a family feud—

When Millionaire Carl Whitfield sold his Silicon Valley start-up and moved to Montana to pursue a ranching life, the Coopers took him in and taught him everything he needed to know. Now he’s ready to buy a spread of his own, settle down and start a family, and the Coopers are the key to getting the property of his dreams. Too bad the woman he craves is on the wrong side of the bitter, hundred-year-old Cooper-Turner feud. If he pursued Camila Torres, he might lose everything he came here to gain.

Banished from her family’s business for refusing to work under her less-talented brother, Camila came to Chance Creek to open a restaurant of her own. Taken in by the Turners, she’s done just that—and found a community that’s far more supportive than her family ever was. She won’t risk losing the Turners’ friendship by dating a man beholden to their mortal enemies—at least, not until Carl proves he’s here in Chance Creek to stay. He’s had plenty of time to find a ranch. What’s taking so long, anyway?

Will Carl and Camila’s desire for each other spark the Cooper-Turner feud into an all-out war?

Turners vs. Coopers of Chance Creek:
BOOK 1: The Cowboy's Secret Bride
BOOK 2: The Cowboy's Outlaw Bride
BOOK 3: The Cowboy's Hidden Bride
BOOK 4: The Cowboy's Stolen Bride
BOOK 5: The Cowboy's Forbidden Bride

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