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The Cowboy’s Secret Baby by Jessie Gussman

Waitress and single mother Louise Olson wouldn’t have missed church to stay home with her sick daughter if she knew the congregation was going to volunteer her to head up the town’s Harvest Festival. Truth be told, she didn’t mind, and would have enjoyed it. The problem was Sweet Water’s superstar hockey golden boy was back in town, and he had been named her co-chair. That even wouldn’t be a problem except he didn’t know he was a father – of her daughter. Hockey forward Ty Hanson grew up on a ranch in Sweet Water, North Dakota, but once he left for college he never went home. He wouldn’t be there now except for the off-season injury his agent wanted kept secret so it didn’t affect his marketability, so he was to hang out in Sweet Water, North Dakota until the season started. His first Sunday back in the church of his childhood, he gets selected as a volunteer to co-chair the Harvest Fest committee with the girl he could never forget. When Ty and Louise are forced to work together, Louise is compelled to tell Ty the secret she’s kept from everyone. The attraction between them still burns strong, but Louise was on the verge of getting married and years of neglect and betrayal lie between her and her accidental summer fling. Will Ty pick up his cowboy hat and come back home? Can he convince Louise that he’ll stay this time?
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