The Cowboy’s Bargain Bride
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The Cowboy’s Bargain Bride by Jessie Gussman


Can love bloom between a woman who was forced to sell herself and the man who bought her to get her ranch?

*Previously titled Cowboys Don't Buy Their Bride at Auction*

Roxane Peterson is up for auction. Well, her and her ranch. She knew it would be too much to hope for that the man who bought her would be more interested in her than in the property, and money, that came with her. But she’s been down this road before – a marriage that isn’t perfect. Her only concern now is protecting her son and making sure she keeps her independence.

Boone Stryker is disillusioned and restless. Seeing a ranch, and a woman, up for auction challenges his soul and gives him a reason to live again. He risks everything he owns to win the ranch. But in order to win the lady’s heart, he could lose so much more.

Trigger Warning: This book contains sensitive content, not graphic, for anyone who has lost a child. It also contains a "fade to black" scene between an unmarried couple, necessary for the plot.

Reviews for The Cowboy's Bargain Bride:

★★★★★ "Gussman writes the best heroes. Boone is just yummy. Roxanne is a bit prickly and stand-offish, but honestly, in order to claim her birthright she had to endure being sold at auction, so she had cause." - Charlene

★★★★★ "This was a stirring emotional journey with love; heartache and learning their hearts and mind's about each other. Truly enjoyed this story and characters." - Judi

★★★★★ "Jessie Gussman never disappoints. Good character development and heartfelt story line. I look forward to reading more of her stories." - Jo

★★★★★ "Talk about hitting the ground running! This book starts off with a bang and just keeps going! I had a difficult time putting it down. (1:30 am rolled around and I forced myself to stop, only to pick it up the next morning to finish!)" - Ballet in AK

★★★★★ "While this author does present Godly principals and even a scripture or three this doesn't feel like a bible thumping book. This author writes a story that takes you on the trip right along with it like a spectator. You will laugh and in this case might even tear up a little as events unfold. It's always fun to see what these cowboys will do next." - Teri

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