The Cowboy Next Door
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The Cowboy Next Door by Barbara McMahon


Success can be exhausting. Most people would love to have the problem facing Amanda, a wildly popular country singer. All she wants is a quiet place to regroup for the summer. But even the best laid plans have a fly in the ointment--in her case it's the cowboy next door.

Mac Mackenzie is furious when he discovers a certain property has been sold to a stranger. That one acre used to be part of his family's ranch and he wants it back. But no matter what he offers, Amanda refuses to sell.

As the summer progresses, Mac changes tactics. The only problem is it becomes hard to tell if he’s trying to drive her away or convince her to stay.

Previous title: Bluebells On The Hill

If you like sweet cowboy stories, family dynamics and famous celebrities, you’ll love The Cowboy Next Door! Grab your copy today.

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