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The Conflicted Felon by Sharon Sue Thorn

Natasha Didier has spent the last three years in prison. When she takes a deal and is released, she finds being free has some major drawbacks and struggles to figure out who she is now. When an attempt is made on her life, she has no choice but to leave her birthplace of St. Lucia and move to the plains of Kansas where she meets a slow talkin' cowboy. In the middle of nowhere, he is her only source of transportation and she finds Kansas is not her cup of tea. Chet Jackson has found solace in quietly operating his Wyoming horse ranch. When an uncle he never knew passes away, he inherits the home as the next of kin. Forced to go to Kansas to handle business with the lawyer, he is thrust out of his comfort zone and into something he'd sworn off years before - fierce attraction. But he soon realizes, loving this woman is killer.
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