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WYATT HAVEN enjoyed spicing up life with dashes of humor and excitement until his antics ended in a tragedy. He makes the painful decision to leave his beloved home and family and join a Wild West show, but a beautiful Englishwoman’s plight waylays him when she accepts his impulsive offer to help her save her horses. Even by his standards, marrying a runaway bride and stealing six horses from the cattle baron who hates him is the most dangerous exploit in a long line of reckless stunts. The angry cattleman vows he’ll hang for this latest insult. Sickened that his risky ways could cause more harm, especially to Kitty, Wyatt determines to do all in his power to protect this brave and resourceful woman he’s falling for. A family scandal has forced British heiress CATHRYN CLIFFTON to accept the hand of an American cattle baron twice her age. Upon arrival in the frontier city of Cheyenne, Kitty discovers her fiancé’s promise of a breeding ranch for her polo ponies was a lie. Worse, he has ghastly designs for them. To save the horses, her whole world, she takes them and runs away with a charming cattle rustler. Instead of a safe life of tea and polo matches, Kitty finds herself marrying the rustler, hiding in an outlaw camp, and being chased by her vengeful fiancé and his six-gun-toting men. Uninhibited and audacious, Wyatt Haven is unlike any man she has ever met, and she finds herself drawn to his good humor and kindness. He is too wild. And she cares only about her horses. Theirs was supposed to be a marriage of convenience. Until love comes calling for…THE CATTLE RUSTLER AND THE RUNAWAY BRIDE.
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