The Bride
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The Bride by S Doyle


A Modern Day Marriage of Convenience...


I’m sixteen and I’m getting married. Super weird, I know.

It was just me and my dad, living on a cattle ranch in Montana, when he died suddenly leaving me an orphan. Which, apparently, is still a thing.

I have two choices. A state foster home or marry Jake, my Dad’s foreman. And, really, my best friend.

It’s legal. It solves all my problems. Except now I’m living with Riverbend’s hottest cowboy - my husband in name only - and I’m still in high school. They call me Weird Married Ellie.

It’s not forever. When I turn eighteen, we get a divorce. Then Jake and I can go back to being normal.

We’ve got this. Right?


I never saw this coming. Married. To a kid I’ve known her whole life. I know it’s just a piece of paper, however, my girlfriend is furious.

But it’s the right thing for Ellie. For sixteen months, it’s us against the world.

We got this.

The Bride is Book 1 of a three part series.

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