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The Bluestocking and the Rake by Beverley Oakley

With a murderer hot on her heels, becoming the greatest treasure in a bored aristocrat's collection may be Jemima's only hope of survival. Bluestocking Jemima Percy owes her life to the brave nobleman who plucked her from the arms of a ruthless killer. But now he, too, is dead and she’s alone and friendless, fearful of putting her family in jeopardy if she contacts them before the killer is apprehended. If only Jemima had been able to locate her rescuer’s younger brother, she would not have been forced to sacrifice her reputation in exchange for her life. Miles, Lord Ruthcot, is determined to shed his image as a dissolute rake following his failure to rescue an unknown damsel in distress, as requested by his dying elder brother. However, when he meets the exquisite new mistress of his late brother’s rival, he no longer cares about upholding his new notions of honour and respectability. He wants Jemima and he’ll do whatever it takes to possess her. But Jemima is a bluestocking at heart. Even if her heart and body are in danger of betraying her steely resolve, she is determined to hold handsome Viscount Ruthcot at bay. Read The Bluestocking and the Rake to find out if Miles learns the truth of Jemima’s identity in time to protect her from the evil forces that threaten her life. The Bluestocking and the Rake is Book 2 in the Hearts in Hiding series but can be read as a standalone. It follows The Duchess and the Highwayman.
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