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The Blackest of Hearts by Emma V Leech

The Blackest of Hearts ROGUES & GENTLEMEN: BOOK FOURTEEN Lord Blackehart has not a drop of blue blood in his body, but he is the undeniable Lord of London’s underworld. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “NOT the usual simpering, ribbon buying, 'OH! Woe is me' Debutante story! Author's out of the ordinary English Romance novel! Worth MUCH more than a measly 5 star rating.” ~ Amazon customer review Born into poverty and quickly abandoned, Blackehart is left to grow up in the misery of the workhouse. Rumours about him are many, that he cannot die, and that he killed a man when he was just twelve years old. Now a man in the prime of his life, he is built like a mountain and exudes power. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The Blackest of Hearts by Emma V Leech is a fabulous read with a unique story and wonderful characters. I love the bad boy nature of Luther and Katherine’s strong personality. Highly recommend!” ~ Amazon customer review Katherine Dove is illegitimate. She has borne the shame of this her whole life, but when her guardian and her only protection from the world at large dies, she discovers a clue to her parentage. A perilous journey to London ensues. In search of her father, she finds herself in dark company but Miss Dove is resourceful. Besides, Luther Blackehart seems to be a man who can supply the answers to everything and anything she desires. The fourteenth book of the acclaimed Rogues & Gentlemen historical romance series from Emma V Leech, the multi-award-winning Amazon Top 10 romance writer. Author of fan favourites such as Flaming June and Last Man in London, both listed in the 20 'Romance Reads You Can't Miss' in the Amazon Kindle Storyteller Awards 2018. **** Warning: This book contains cunning and aspiration in equal measure, not to mention a small amount of graphic and descriptive sex scenes. We are very pleased to point out, however, that this book - or series – is in no way verging on erotica **** The Rogues & Gentlemen series can be enjoyed as stand-alone novels or as part of the wider series. If the full series appeals, the suggested – but by no means essential - reading order would be: •Book 1: The Rogue •Book 2: The Earl's Temptation •Book 3: Scandal's Daughter •Book 4: The Devil May Care •Book 5: Nearly Ruining Mr Russell •Book 6: One Wicked Winter •Book 7: To Tame a Savage Heart •Book 8: Persuading Patience •Book 9: The Last Man in London •Book 10: Flaming June •Book 11: Charity and The Devil •Book 12: A Slight Indiscretion •Book 13: The Corinthian Duke •Book 14: The Blackest of Hearts •Book 15: Duke and Duplicity Happy reading! And please do leave a review if you can – it would mean the world to hear what you enjoyed most about the book.
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