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The Baron’s Malady by Rose Pearson

Lord Gideon Ward lived for adventure. He found all he could handle as a British Navy captain stationed in India. With the unrest that was brewing there, it was all too easy to ignore the trials existing back home with the Scarlet Fever once again ravaging the country. It wasn’t until the disease struck his own father that he becomes forced to contend with the actual trials of his own country. Coming back home to accept the title that is his birthright, Gideon, now the Baron Dunstable, must once again face the world he left. Although the world he left was not one in the grips of an epidemic. London is still ravaged by the disease that claimed his very father, and it looks as though it is not yet finished with his family. A frantic search for a doctor brings him into contact with Josephine Noe, whose own life has been fully changed in the wake of tragedy left behind by the disease. Together, they do what comes naturally to two independent spirits who find themselves faced with hardships…everything they can. And in doing so, love just might find its way through the darkness. A love that unfortunately comes with its own trials and tribulations. After all, he is a Baron now, and who is she but another poor young woman. Another woman fighting to keep others from having to face the tragedy that ravaged her own life. Welcome to the world of the Smithfield Market in Regency Era London, a standalone series by Rose Pearson.
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