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The Baron and The Babe by Larissa de Silva

Dr. Ari West's Life Plan, Take 1: 1.) Marry her college sweetheart. 2.) Become a pediatrician. 3.) Have a gaggle of gorgeous children of her own. Dr. Ari West's Life Plan, Take 2: 1.) Watch her dirtbag husband walk out on her. 2.) Wonder what the hell to do with her empty house. 3.) Become a pediatrician anyway, and to hell with men. 4.) Until the strangest man in the world walks into her life, with a delightful daughter in tow. Sometimes things don't go according to plan. And falling in love with a man whose parents actually named him Oscar Wilde definitely isn't according to plan. But Oscar, tech billionaire and recently single father, needs help. After his young wife's untimely death, he's on his own--with a toddler whose fragile health leaves him constantly overwhelmed, worried, and desperately in need of a miracle. He just never thought his miracle--renowned pediatrician Dr. West--would be so damned beautiful. Though Oscar, too, has a plan. And that plan never accounted for falling in love again. They could be perfect for each other...or they could tear each other apart, as their present attraction fights with the ghosts of their pasts. But Ari's too determined to give up. And one way or another...she'll have both the babe, and the tech baron she's starting to love. The Baron and The Babe is a full-length standalone novel in The Heart Lines series, which can be read in any order. With a gorgeous HEA ending and no cheating, you'll fall in love with this 18+ only story
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