The Baby Fling
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The Baby Fling by Alexis Winter

Fake Fiancé? Check. Fake Baby? Double Check. Positive Pregnancy Test? Oops. I’m the girl who’s always had a plan. Graduate top of my class: done. Get into my desired Ph.D. program: done and as the youngest ever in my field of study. Establish myself in my father’s empire: well, that’s where the shit hit the fan. Despite my accomplishments, all my family seems to care about? The lack of a diamond on my ring finger. My dad won’t even consider voting to approve my business proposition until I’ve got a man on my arm. And my mom won’t quit with her endless string of awful blind dates till I’ve got babies on the brain. So I panicked—and told my family a teensy little white lie. Brett, my drop-dead-delicious fling was actually my fiancé and we were expecting a little bundle of made up joy. Okay, it was more like a massive lie that has since snowballed into a full-blown, five-alarm avalanche that’s on a never-ending path of destruction. New plan: try to convince myself I’m not head over heels in love with Brett and that I can raise this very real baby on my own. How it’s going: about as successful as picking up glitter from shag carpet. For the girl who always has the perfect plan—I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.
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