The Angel Between Them

The Angel Between Them by Rob Shumaker


She left him once. He’s not taking her back. But will a little angel show him love deserves a second chance?

Out-of-work actress Olivia Daniels returns home to Michigan to find her parents’ B&B on the verge of sale and realizes her only hope to keep it in the family is to hire Ethan Stone, the man she once left behind, to turn the business around. Cash-strapped and the emergency guardian to eight-year-old orphan, Emma Lynn Grayson, Ethan is forced to swallow his pride and take the job to make ends meet. But that doesn’t mean he’s willing to forgive Olivia and fall in love again. Or does it?

Hoping for a mother and father and a place to call home, Emma is determined to bring Ethan and Olivia back together—whatever it takes. From nudging Ethan back to church and then going missing at the Fourth of July celebration, Emma’s plan to reunite Ethan and Olivia shows promise. But Olivia’s celebrity status and the pull of Hollywood causes Ethan to think twice about falling for her again. Whether Ethan opens his heart to Olivia depends on whether the angel between them can help rekindle the flame and show them love deserves a second chance.

The Angel Between Them is the first book in the Huron Cove Christian romance series. If you like stories with unforgettable characters, small-town charm, and happily ever after, then you’ll love Rob Shumaker’s brand new Christian romance.

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