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The Almost-Widow by Fiona West

A lonely spellcaster. A sensitive war hero. The security night shift just got interesting... Spellcaster Tezza Macias hasn’t seen her special forces husband in two years and 119 days when a new man is assigned as her partner...a younger man. An awkward man. Tezza Macias, the Grand Duchess's night security, is too tough to admit that the disappearance of her husband is breaking her. Guaranteeing Abbie’s safety matters more than anything to her, but as depression creeps in, she’s losing her connection with the magic that makes her excel at her job. Her new partner isn’t making things easier with his probing, personal questions about things she’d rather not talk about. Sam Simonson only took this job as a favor to one of his best friends, Edward, who also happens to be king. Despite the recent notoriety he gained on a dangerous mission, he doesn't make friends with women--he doesn’t even make eye contact if he can help it. Being assigned with Macias, the most intimidating woman he's ever met, poses a small problem. Falling in love with her poses a huge problem. When a magical apparition stalks the palace halls, they’ll need the talents they both bring to the job to find out who’s casting it and what their intentions might be...before it’s too late. * * * The Almost-Widow is a stand-alone novella in the Borderline Chronicles that’s sweet with a little heat. It has a guaranteed HEA and no cheating. This security, forced-proximity fantasy romance with a hint of suspense will sweep you off your feet. Get it today!
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