The Alien Warrior’s Mate
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The Alien Warrior’s Mate by Nelia Alarcon

REVISED EDITION WITH NEW CHAPTERS ADDED He’s looking for a human female. And I’m the only woman left on the alien auction block. I'm being sold to the highest bidder in outer space. That's a sentence I thought I'd never say. But there's no way I'm going down without a fight. These evil alien jerks will sell me over my dead body. Which is something they seem rather eager to do. Until a hot, blue-alien with tattoos and purple eyes steals me away from the auction. His touch makes me tremble. And not from fear. But my alien rescuer has a secret and I might not survive when it's revealed. Can I trust my heart or will this alien be the death of me? The Alien Warrior's Mate is a full-length Sci-Fi romance novel featuring a feisty heroine who finds her inner warrior and a devoted alien hero who can't get enough of his female. This is the revised edition with exciting changes and added chapters! Note: each book in the series can be read as a standalone, but for maximum enjoyment, it’s recommended that the series be read in order. The Plutonian Warriors Series: The Alien Warrior's Mate The Alien Warrior's Woman The Alien Warrior's Heart The Alien Warrior's Vow
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