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The Abyss by Lara Blunte

It's 1803 and Napoleon is set to conquer all of Europe. Two lovers in Lisbon will be split by war — only to find each other again in a new land; a land as wild as their passion. Clara and Gabriel are in love, but when he is disinherited for loving her, she must refuse his marriage proposal. Now he must make his own way in the world without her ... But when, years later, the Portuguese court sets sail for Brazil to escape Napoleon, Clara and her family must leave as well. And in Rio de Janeiro Clara meets Gabriel again. He has made his fortune, and they can get married. But as they travel to Gabriel’s vast sugar estate in the interior, a letter from Lisbon confirms a dormant suspicion in him, and an abyss will open between husband and wife. * * * If you like stories with exotic settings, exciting historical backgrounds and larger-than-life characters, you will love The Abyss. A Regency Romance where passion matters more than manners.
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