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Tessa Ever After by Brighton Walsh

No one's off-limits for this playboy...except his best friend's little sister. Tessa Maxwell yearns to find the kind of love movies are made about. For four years, she's been struggling as a single mom, but she hasn't given up on the idea of giving her daughter the family she deserves. Or finding the one guy who can commit to them both. Jason Montgomery can't commit to a side of the bed, let alone a woman. Trapped by burdens he wants no part of, the last thing he needs is the obligation of a built-in family. But his best friend's little sister is proving too hard to resist. Jason's the very definition of trouble, but Tessa can't get him out of her mind...or her bed.And every day she spends by his side only serves to keep her from the one thing she wants more than anything--a happily ever after. * * * Tessa Ever After is a standalone novel with no cheating and an HEA, and may be read in any order within the series.
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